We offer two house ventilation services that are designed to deliver fresh, filtered & healthy air into your home. They do this by reducing humidity levels in the home and serve preventative purposes in eliminating the emergence of damp and mould problems.


House ventilation also drives out many invisible indoor air pollutants that may live in your home without your knowledge. By installing a ventilation service, your indoor air quality will significantly improve and consequently, so will your health and your heating bills. The two types of systems that can be fitted are:

The Passive Vent System 

A Core Drill into an external wall & is caped with a plastic ventilation fitting that allows an exchange of air. 

Automated Vent System 

The whole house ventilation unit is fitted adjacent to the Loft Hatch, usually inside the loft & functions to filter, clean and regulate the temperature of the air. In winter, the Unit serves to keep the heat in, whilst in summer it can be set to cool the air down. 

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