Insulating your loft, attic or roof is a simple yet effective method that will reduce the amount of heat lost and decrease your heating bill. A good level of roof and wall insulation is the most cost-effective measure in reducing this bill and reducing your carbon footprint. offer the following services:

Cavity Wall Insulation 

Six million people have this in their homes yet a lot of people are unaware that a third of your home energy could be lost through the roof every year if your home is uninsulated. Cavity Wall Insulation will save carbon dioxide, allowing you to enjoy a warmer and cheaper to heat home. It is one of the most effective energy saving measures that you can take in saving money for yourself and contributing towards reducing emissions of the most common greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. 

Energy Savings

By making the switch to possessing an insulated home, modern properties could save around £160 a year & older properties could save up to £500.

Loft Insulation 

This works by creating a barrier so that the hot hair that rises from the lower levels of your house towards the roof cannot escape. The air pockets in insulation serve to trap that hot air and prevent it from being wasted/lost in the atmosphere. To prevent this unnecessary loss of heat, we recommend that a 300mm depth of laid material is installed in your loft.  Your home will produce less carbon and thus contribute towards saving the environment. It will also be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 


By doing this, you could be saving a huge £205 a year on home energy bills.

Solid Wall (Hard to treat properties) Internal Insulation 

The internal wall insulation procedure involves gluing a Plaster & Foam Membrane to the inside of the wall (Dry-lining) This will fill existing gaps in its structure.

Energy Saving

This can result in a 35% energy saving.

Solid Wall External Insulation

This procedure entails drilling fixing tiles onto the outer brickwork of your property. This will provide a layer of insulation that will sit on top of the brick and protect it, improving the walls ability to withstand exterior forces. As well as fixing any poor rendering on your property and improving its external aesthetic, it also helps in preventing damp from entering your home.


Solid wall insulation boasts of a 35% energy saving. 

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Depending on an assessment of the aesthetics, location & functionality factors of each property, we will only apply one of these two types of Solid Wall Insulation methods.

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