Domestic Water Saving Devices

To target and minimize the usage of water in your home, we offer 5 services that focus on each water source:

Toilet Duct

A ‘Toilet Duct’ is fitted inside the flushing unit of your toilet system with proven efficacy in reducing the water flow of each flush.


Enery Saving


We estimate a reduction in water flow of 50%.

Water Filter Cartridge 

A Water Filter Cartridge is fitted at the source of your kitchen sink and works to purify the water. It cleanses water of chlorine and bacteria whilst ensuring that the essential minerals in water are not compromised, thereby improving the taste and smell of your tap water. This provides your family access to safe, pure drinking water as an alternative to buying bottled water. 

Eco Shower Head

An Eco Shower Head is a bathroom appliance that is fitted to economise your water release. Ingeniously, they give the impression of a high-pressure shower while using less water. 

Enery Saving


You will be oblivious to the reduction of water flow but you will shower in delight with the knowledge that you could save up to 50% of water usage per shower.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves 

These are anti-scalding devices that are fitted underneath the bathroom taps & basins. They regulate temperatures by mixing the hot and cold water supplies in order to produce a temperature-controlled flow of water and reduce water wastage. They offer a high level of protection against scalding and thermal shock by ensuring that water is released at the required temperature. 

Pressure Reducing Valve

This is the installation of a device on each of the taps in your home. It will reduce water consumption, water flow noise and over-pressurisation damage by allowing a reduced but suitable pressure level to come from the water supply. It will protect your household against excessive supply pressure and reduce the usage of water, thereby the amount spent on water by minimizing the amount of water that is wasted. Replacing your ordinary tap water filter with this device will ensure that you save money on metered water bills.  

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