Domestic Glazing

To prevent your property from unnecessarily losing heat through their windows, we can apply two services to your windows that will regulate the amount of heat lost. These services are:

Double Glazing &
Replacement Glazing Units (Fensa)

All properties lose heat through their windows but installing energy-efficient glazing can help reduce the amount of heat lost. Energy-efficient glazing denotes both double & triple glazing and incorporates special coated glass that prevents heat from escaping by creating a gap which works as an insulating barrier to slow down the rate at which the heat leaves.

Window Glazing Units

A UPVC glazing unit is replaced with a Solar Glass unit evacuated Solar Glass. Solar Glass, which is tinted with a photovoltaic substance, allows sunlight to pass through the window and of it whilst heat is retained inside.


A recommended U Value of 1.2 for this product is used to achieve a targeted annual saving of 10%. 

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