Boiler Replacement Services

Our services endeavour to improve the efficiency of your Boiler. We are able to do the following:

Boiler Upgrade

We will assess the condition of your Boiler and determine whether the savings made in our ‘Domestic System Upgrade’ are outweighed by the advantages of the installation of a newly installed Boiler and will subsequently offer the appropriate service. 


Enery Saving


The new Boiler will guarantee a consistent energy saving of 5-10% in the first 5 years. Subject to a minimum of 2 System Services, the first being free of charge.

Property Survey on Replacement Boilers 

This will check every function of your Boiler. This includes an assessment of all pipe-runs on the system, checking the manufacturers FLU specifications, ensuring that the Boiler meets manufacturer recommendations, checking electric wiring points, condensing the pipe location, if external, apply the ‘Soak-Away’ process, size all radiators to new boiler system. 

Hot Water Cylinder Units 

A Cylinder Tank is installed into the central heating system as a way of storing hot water. Whenever the Boiler is deployed, it activates the Water Pump to heat the water to the optimum temperature. Our maintenance services will ensure the longevity of this service by fitting a Lagging Jacket around the cylinder tank to prevent heat loss. We will also replace the heating element when necessary to restore optimum performance.

Enery Saving


We estimate that this will increase system efficiency by 20%.

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